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Brickell Flatiron Miami Has Something Unbelievable on the Rooftop

Brickell Flatiron
Brickell Flatiron

Architectural Feat Defies Physics – How Brickell Flatiron Miami Residents are Swimming Amongst the Clouds

Brickell Flatiron middle of the building

It may seem physically impossible to place over 150 tons of water mid-air, but the swimming pool crowning the head of the astounding 64 stories of Miami’s pre-construction luxury condos in downtown makes swimming in the sky possible. The Brickell Flatiron Miami’s revolutionary structure uniquely defies all logic.

Brickell Flatiron Rooftop pool
Brickell Flatiron Rooftop pool

Although the beautiful creation appears effortless, lots hard work and effort is reflective on every inch of the rooftop oasis. The elegant rooftop pool is surrounded by ocean and city views, meticulously designed to provide residents and guests ease of comfort, while functionally serving to solve the practical challenges of wind and gravity – which by the way, were taken into account when developers integrated advanced wind barrier technology. Brickell Flatiron’s rooftop is not only a feat of architectural aesthetics, but a revolutionary feat of engineering.

Brickell Flatiron Miami Pool
Brickell Flatiron Miami Pool

According to Dan Maza, head of Keller Williams Realty and luxury real estate expert in Miami Beach, Florida, that there are intricate details that even the most avid swimmer would have never conjured when it comes to pool designs. “Design largely impacts the functionality of a property,” claims Maza. Ideally, Brickell Flatiron’s rooftop pool experience will be so seamlessly integrated with the rest of the property building, that visitors won’t even think of it as they make their way to the assortment of daybeds, lounge chairs and cabanas framing the immaculate pool.

Brickell Flatiron Miami Pool
Brickell Flatiron Miami Pool

As if the serene pool at the crown of the magnificent Brickell Flatiron tower wasn’t enough rooftop madness, there is also a multifaceted fitness center with private steam rooms, saunas, therapeutic treatment centers, spa services as well as yoga, pilates, and weight-training areas on the 64th floor.

Brickell Flatiron Miami Night view

Brickell Flatiron’s rooftop serves as a private, outdoor space for residents and guests to be enveloped by uninterrupted views of Downtown Miami and Biscayne Bay peering from each and every direction. Upon the Miami pre-construction development’s completion in 2018, the luxury condos will reach elegantly 64 stories into the sky, working as a canvas painting of the city as the building’s surroundings reflect off the curves, glistening glass surface. The striking signature style designed by world-renowned architect Luis Revuelta, is an eye-catching, yet elegant addition to Miami’s classic Art Deco ways. In more ways than one, the Brickell Flatiron tower is a clear representation of the city’s natural environmental and social progression; a cultured fusion of adoration for the boldly daring and a loving appreciation for refined sophistication.

Brickell Flatiron Miami sideview

The vibrant exteriors that initially draw residents to the Miami luxury condo only plays a small role of what makes Brickell Flatiron so uniquely desirable. Other features include gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows with stunning views, an extensive array of amenities, elegant interiors and so much more to add to the ever growing anticipation for the completion of the Miami preconstruction Brickell Flatiron residences. With comforting amenities, quiet tranquility and inspiring ocean views, Brickell Flatiron is the ideal floating oasis for ensuring a truly transcendent experience while high above downtown Miami.

Brickell Flatiron Miami Aerial view

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