L’Atelier Miami Beach: Meet the Minds Behind the Designs

L'Atelier Miami Beach
L’Atelier Miami Beach

3 Top Designers to Make the L’Atelier Miami Beach Residences a Reality

Miami real estate has got something new and exciting coming their way. The concept of L’Atelier has been long awaited and in 2017 we can expect the Miami pre-construction project to become a reality thanks to the vision of some of the world’s most creative minds coming together to beautifully capture the glamour and exclusivity of Miami Beach, South Florida. Meet the minds behind the designs: Luis Revuelta, Enzo Enea and Holly Hunt.

Luis Revuelta


Luis Revuelta - Architect of L'Atelier Miami Beach
Luis Revuelta – Architect of L’Atelier Miami Beach

Starting from afar, standing high and mighty, 18 stories into the sky, one can expect to see the exquisite architectural work and design of Luis Revuelta in 2017 as L’Atelier Miami becomes a reality. Luis Revuelta has founded his career as an architect on his pride and commitment to provide designs that are not only rich in quality but economically balanced for sustainable solutions. Revuelta Architecture International is responsible for many successful top projects both nationally and globally throughout various international destinations. The creativity and skill of The Revuelta Architecture is treasured for designing many landmark residential, commercial, hospitality and mixed-used developments that are both functional and aesthetic. The Revuelta Architecture International pursues all architectural concepts with great detail at their highest performance levels.

Enzo Enea

Landscape Architect

Enzo Enea - L'Atelier Miami's Landscape Architect
Enzo Enea – L’Atelier Miami’s Landscape Architect

As we move our way closer to the wondrous skyscraper, we find the incredible work of landscaper Enzo Enea enveloping the lavish building. Enea’s backgrounds in industrial design and landscaping architecture couples beautifully with his one-of-a-kind perspective drawn from global inspiration in London, Hawaii, Brazil and beyond. Enea is an award-winning designer, reputable for a uniquely refined and visual appeal. A hallmark contribution to the L’Atelier is the unmatched fusion of outdoor and indoor spaces which creatively and intricately intertwine the property’s essence with its surroundings within an environment that breeds inspiration for all.

Holly Hunt

Interior Designer

Holly Hunt - L'Atelier Miami Beach's Interior Designer
Holly Hunt – L’Atelier Miami Beach’s Interior Designer

As we walk through the incredible landscape and enter into the building, we are greeted by the refined tastes of The Holly Hunt Company exhibited throughout the wide range of custom furniture. Well renowned for an evergreen design that remains consistently at the forefront of quality and style, The Holly Hunt brand has quickly become the premier design for high-class interior furnishings throughout the nation. Holly is often given credit for revolutionizing interior design. Her tireless attention to detail as a visionary artist raised the bar for showrooms throughout the design industry and continues to do so throughout the exquisite design of the L’Atelier Miami Beach Residences.

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