L’Atelier Miami Beach Condos: The First Day as residents in 2017

How L’Atelier Miami Beach Condos Residents Spend the First 24 Hours in their New Home

L'Atelier Miami Beach Condos
L’Atelier Miami Beach Condos

Miami real estate understands the importance of settling into an exciting location with lots to do! The first 24 hours as a new homeowner is an important and memorable moment in life. Nestled in between the glistening, blue Atlantic ocean and the bustling illuminated city, the residents of L’Atelier Miami Beach Condos have a lot to choose from when it comes to planning out their days. With so much to do in and out of the property, what does the daily schedule of a lavish L’Atelier resident look like?

Here’s how one lucky resident imagines spending her first 24 hours upon the completion of the Miami pre-construction project in 2017:


Begin each day smiling at a warm sunrise over the Atlantic sea. Meanwhile, savor a fresh mug of hot, delicious tea while lounging in a spacious and impressive balcony. At the L’Atelier Residences Miami Beach, nothing stands between the residents and a beautiful view to kick-start a wondrous day.

L'Atelier Miami Beach Condos - Balcony View
L’Atelier Miami Beach Condos – Balcony View

The oceanfront view serves as a daily reminder of the hard work and achievements that brought residents to these lavish circumstances to begin with. Feeling proud and productive, she takes in the scent of the sea, grabs her laptop, gets a couple of hours of work done and uses the rest of her morning to lounge around the balcony reading her favorite classic novel.

L'Atelier Residences Miami Beach - Relaxing enjoying the view
L’Atelier Residences Miami Beach – Relaxing enjoying the view


Reaching the final chapter, she decides to grab a new book and get some light exercise. The L’Atelier resident ventures downstairs for a quiet stroll along the tranquil beachfront. After an hour and a half of speed-walking across the soft sand, she stops for a break. Taking her book to a comfortable spot, she lays to read and sunbathe for a few hours in her sandy backyard.

Enjoying Beautiful Miami Beach
Enjoying Beautiful Miami Beach

She takes her belongings and jots through the lobby of her luxury condo, greets the friend concierge and heads out for an afternoon of shopping at the Bal Harbour Shops and Lincoln Road Mall.

Miami Beach: Lincoln Road Mall
Miami Beach: Lincoln Road Mall

As she primps her wardrobe, her husband calls to let her know he won’t be home. He’s got a tennis match and a few rounds of golf against his work buddies at one of the many nearby country clubs.

Golf on Miami Beach

She uses her relaxing afternoon to catch up with Cathy whom she ran into at her favorite sidewalk cafe, a perfect spot for lunch. They decide to extend their run-in and plan a delightful outing.

Restaurant on Miami Beach


Cathy had an extra ticket to a nearby concert. This is when our L’Atelier resident discovered the melodic bliss of living so close to the New World Symphony which she later made a habit to visit at least once a month.

New World Symphony
New World Symphony

The girls cap off the evening at one of the many fine dining destinations in the area and L’Atelier Miami Beach resident rests easy knowing that her life is centered amongst all this excitement.

L'Atelier Miami Beach Condos - restaurant
L’Atelier Miami Beach Condos – restaurant

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