The 6 Most Entertaining Activities to do at 1000 Museum in Miami

1000 Museum
1000 Museum by Zaha Hadid

Needless to say, residents of 1000 Museum will never be bored and this isn’t only because of their exciting location, the bustling, vibrant city of Miami. Yes, it’s true that the pre-construction project, estimated to be complete in 2018, will be located at the heart of the colorful art and culture that makes up the very soul of Miami, Florida.

True as it may be, however, being one of the most spectacular home options in the world, residents won’t even need to leave their little neighborhoods within the 1000 Museum to plan an eventful day. With over 30,000 Sq. Ft. of craftfully designed venues for activities like swimming, sunbathing, socializing, pampering, fitness and 83 luxuriously spacious residential options, there is lots to do in Zaha Hadid’s 1000 Museum!

1. Read with an incredible view at 1000 Museum.

1000 Museum - Read With a View
1000 Museum – Read With a View

Let’s begin the activities within the condo itself. Imagine taking your favorite book from your private library and being able to enjoy it with a panoramic view of the Atlantic ocean as your backdrop.

The residences at the 1000 Museum somehow manage to magnify the breathtaking experience of Biscayne Bay, Atlantic Ocean and Miami skyline views. The entertainment possibilities within these spacious condos, ranging from townhouses to 1000 Museum’s penthouses, are boundless with expansive living areas, libraries, family rooms, dens and over-sized terraces beautifully designed to relax, read, plan a family game night, watch films or simply capture the mesmerizing panorama view. There’s a space for any choice of activity. Simply wake up and enjoy the day.

2. Get fit!

1000 Museum - Get Fit
1000 Museum – Get Fit

Above the podium at the base of this architectural masterpiece, occupying floors 8 and 9 are 2 levels of excellent wellness and spa amenities.

Residents of the 1000 Museum get the iron pumping at the spacious fitness center that takes over the 8th floor. This is where they begin their stretches at the indoor areas dedicated for movement training, intensify things with state-of-the-art strength and cardio training equipment and end their workout outside, enveloped by beautiful landscape.

3. Take a spa day.

1000 Museum - Spa Day
1000 Museum – Spa Day

Go ahead, you’ve earned it… Residents make their way to the relaxation lounge on floor 9 after a vigorous workout where they receive a well-earned massage at the private treatment areas.

4. Go for a swim.

1000 Museum - Go for a swim
1000 Museum – Go for a swim

The wellness and spa centers overlook and open into the Sun & Swim Terrace. Might as well go for a swim after that soothing massage. The sculptural Sun & Swim Terrace create the unique spherical architectural design that makes the 1000 Museum another work of Miami-art. Get a tan or go for a swim in one of the many organically shaped pools.

5. Throw a lavish pool-party.

1000 Museum - Lavish Pool-Party
1000 Museum – Lavish Pool-Party

Party while overlooking the city. At the very crown of 1000 Museum is the Aquatic Center and Skylounge equipped with a beautiful, infinity-edge indoor pool and multimedia theater for private movie screenings, meetings, lectures or presentations. The Skylounge is perfect for residents who want to host a memorable event with gorgeous, panoramic views of Biscayne Bay, the Atlantic Ocean and the Miami skyline.

6. Ride a helicopter!

1000 Museum - Ride a Helicopter
1000 Museum – Ride a Helicopter

A helicopter…? That’s right. It only makes sense that one of the most highly guarded residences in Miami would include a private rooftop helipad, allowing residents to arrive and depart securely at any time as well as providing 24/7 accessibility to private/commercial airports, yachts and/or nearby islands. 1000 Museum is historically designed to offer the first private residential helicopter landing pad in Miami.

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