Lil Wayne’s Miami Beach Home for Sale Drops Another $2 Million

Lil Wayne Sheds Another $2 Million on his, La Gorce Island, Miami Beach Home for Sale

Lil Wayne's Miami Beach home for sale
Lil Wayne’s Miami Beach home for sale.

Just one month after an unfortunate ‘swatting’ hoax in March, 2015 in which a barrage of armed forces flooded Lil Wayne’s Miami Beach home, the luxury mansion was put up for sale. It seems that the well known rapper and swatting victim, Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. isn’t going to risk being dangerously pranked at this home again. Luckily, no one was home at the time of the hoax which greatly decreased the chances of someone getting hurt.

Lil Wayne swatting hoax
Lil Wayne ‘swatting’ hoax

Miami Beach Police Department and spokesman, Ernesto Rodriguez were all expecting to find gunmen and people injured after someone reported that 4 people were shot in the waterfront home on La Gorce Island, but found an empty home instead. Although Lil Wayne was safely working on music in the recording studio during the swatting, the rapper decided to sell the Miami Beach home and lead a safe hoax­-free life.

swatting hoax on lil wayne at his Miami Beach home

Audio of the Lil Wayne swatting call obtained by TMZ can be found here. ­ Heed my warning as you might find yourself feeling disappointed; the amateur pranksters are not very creative with their choice in dialogue.

La Gorce Mansion on the Market

Considering the swatting hoax and other string of strange events such as the mysterious lurker, persistent caller and unsolicited prostitute, it’s ironic that the rapper has different motives for selling his luxury Miami Beach mansion. According to Carter’s broker, Ty Forkner, Lil Wayne’s decision had nothing to do with the rough times he had in the property throughout last year. His reasons for selling the unique home is because the Miami realty market is hot.

Lil Wayne's Miami Beach home
Lil Wayne’s Miami Beach home on La Gorce Island

As of April last year, Lil Wayne’s luxury Miami Beach home for sale was placed on the market for a whopping $18 million… after a decade of ownership. The rapper bought it in 2006 for only $11.6 million which according to Miami-­Dade property records, was purchased through an LLC.

lil wayne la gorce island home in Miami Beach FL

It turns out the home hasn’t been as hot on the market as anticipated by the Miami-­based broker of South Beach International Realty. Lil Wayne had no luck selling the home by the end of the year and dropped its list price by $2 million towards the end of December bringing its new listing price to $16 million.

Getting antsy about selling the 15,000 Sq. Ft. South Beach mansion, Miami­based rapper dropped yet another $2 million off the luxury home just yesterday. Bringing the current price to $14 million, Lil Wayne will only be profiting $2.4 million from his $11.6 million investment. Still beneficial for the rapper and even more beneficial for potential investors who have an opportunity to purchase the one­-of-­a-­kind property while saving over 20% of its original asking price.

lil wayne la gorce miami beach home

About the Home

94 La Gorce Circle, Miami Beach, FL, 33141

The rapper’s lavish 15,000 Sq. Ft. mansion was built in 2004 hovering three stories over 120 feet of beautiful bay frontage views.

lil wayne la gorce miami beach home
Boat Dock

The home includes a modern glass elevator to make traveling through all three stories a breeze with a view.

lil wayne miami beach home elevator

Providing an expansive balcony, the mansion’s terrace is great for outdoor parties overlooking the pristine blue waters of the bay as well as of the grand swimming pool.

lil wayne miami beach home pool
Swimming Pool

The unique Miami mansion is first of its kind to come complete with a rooftop skate park; someone should call Tony Hawk to find out if he’s looking for a new place!

lil wayne's miami beach home rooftop skatepark
Skate Park

The generously spacious mansion has nine bedrooms each of which are equipped with their own luxuriously designed bathrooms. In addition, there is a 10th bathroom for guests to use and bypass having to travel through more private spaces of the home.

lil wayne's miami beach home bathroom

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