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L’Atelier Miami Beach Condos: The First Day as residents in 2017

How L’Atelier Miami Beach Condos Residents Spend the First 24 Hours in their New Home

L'Atelier Miami Beach Condos
L’Atelier Miami Beach Condos

Miami real estate understands the importance of settling into an exciting location with lots to do! The first 24 hours as a new homeowner is an important and memorable moment in life. Nestled in between the glistening, blue Atlantic ocean and the bustling illuminated city, the residents of L’Atelier Miami Beach Condos have a lot to choose from when it comes to planning out their days. With so much to do in and out of the property, what does the daily schedule of a lavish L’Atelier resident look like?

Here’s how one lucky resident imagines spending her first 24 hours upon the completion of the Miami pre-construction project in 2017:


Begin each day smiling at a warm sunrise over the Atlantic sea. Meanwhile, savor a fresh mug of hot, delicious tea while lounging in a spacious and impressive balcony. At the L’Atelier Residences Miami Beach, nothing stands between the residents and a beautiful view to kick-start a wondrous day.

L'Atelier Miami Beach Condos - Balcony View
L’Atelier Miami Beach Condos – Balcony View

The oceanfront view serves as a daily reminder of the hard work and achievements that brought residents to these lavish circumstances to begin with. Feeling proud and productive, she takes in the scent of the sea, grabs her laptop, gets a couple of hours of work done and uses the rest of her morning to lounge around the balcony reading her favorite classic novel.

L'Atelier Residences Miami Beach - Relaxing enjoying the view
L’Atelier Residences Miami Beach – Relaxing enjoying the view


Reaching the final chapter, she decides to grab a new book and get some light exercise. The L’Atelier resident ventures downstairs for a quiet stroll along the tranquil beachfront. After an hour and a half of speed-walking across the soft sand, she stops for a break. Taking her book to a comfortable spot, she lays to read and sunbathe for a few hours in her sandy backyard.

Enjoying Beautiful Miami Beach
Enjoying Beautiful Miami Beach

She takes her belongings and jots through the lobby of her luxury condo, greets the friend concierge and heads out for an afternoon of shopping at the Bal Harbour Shops and Lincoln Road Mall.

Miami Beach: Lincoln Road Mall
Miami Beach: Lincoln Road Mall

As she primps her wardrobe, her husband calls to let her know he won’t be home. He’s got a tennis match and a few rounds of golf against his work buddies at one of the many nearby country clubs.

Golf on Miami Beach

She uses her relaxing afternoon to catch up with Cathy whom she ran into at her favorite sidewalk cafe, a perfect spot for lunch. They decide to extend their run-in and plan a delightful outing.

Restaurant on Miami Beach


Cathy had an extra ticket to a nearby concert. This is when our L’Atelier resident discovered the melodic bliss of living so close to the New World Symphony which she later made a habit to visit at least once a month.

New World Symphony
New World Symphony

The girls cap off the evening at one of the many fine dining destinations in the area and L’Atelier Miami Beach resident rests easy knowing that her life is centered amongst all this excitement.

L'Atelier Miami Beach Condos - restaurant
L’Atelier Miami Beach Condos – restaurant

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Live Artfully at L’Atelier Miami

How the L’Atelier Fuses Art into the Daily Lives of Residents

L’Atelier Miami
L’Atelier Miami

The world of Miami real estate knows there’s a big difference between living and living artfully. L’Atelier Miami Beach residences help residents live artfully by putting them in the middle of a world where clear blue skies and sapphire seas create an exquisite atmosphere that will surely make every life-moment memorable. At the L’Atelier, the lives of residents become art galleries of light and open spaces where design evolves beyond the aesthetic and becomes an incorporated part of daily life.

L'Atelier Miami Beach
L’Atelier Miami Beach

L’Atelier Miami Beach has residents living artfully from the very beginning as an architectural masterpiece rising within a vibrant city historic for its colorful art and culture. A live painting of the sun setting and rising reflects off the translucent tower like a glass canvas. Fine details create powerfully timeless impressions that ensure residents lead a sensational and artful lifestyle for many years to come.

L'Atelier Miami Beach - Balcony View
L’Atelier Miami Beach – Balcony View

Beautifully Crafted, Exquisite Detail

L'Atelier Miami Beach
L’Atelier Miami Beach

Inspired by excellence, the L’Atelier embodies art into the daily lives of residents through the artistic vision of the world’s most creative minds. Top influencers in the design industry, Luis Revuelta, Antonio Lupi, Enzo Enea and Holly Hunt combine their expertise and artistic visions to make this masterpiece come true. By 2017, the landscaping of Enzo Enea, architectural design of Revuelta International, the stylish vision of interior designers at The Holly Hunt Company and acclaimed designer Antonio Lupi will have made Miami pre-construction L’Atelier concept a reality.

LAtelier Miami Beach - Lower Pool Deck
LAtelier Miami Beach – Lower Pool Deck

As part of the artful masterpiece, residents can expect expansive balconies with panoramic ocean and city views that are truly a sight to see. Designs by Revuelta, Enea and Hunt creatively mix indoor and outdoor spaces to intricately intertwine the essence of the property with its surroundings, creating an inspirational environment for everyone present. Every inch of these homes are works of art from the awe-inspiring oceanfront views to the luxury poliform italian kitchens to the bathrooms artfully crafted by visionary designer Antonio Lupi.

L'Atelier Miami Beach - Balcony
L’Atelier Miami Beach – Balcony

How Location Engulfs L’Atelier Miami Residents in Art

L'Atelier Miami Beach - PentHouse Summer Kitchen
L’Atelier Miami Beach – PentHouse Summer Kitchen

The L’Atelier Miami turns daily life into a museum of captivating views in every direction. Here’s a glimpse of what you can find; To the east of the tower, glorious turquoise-blue is blended seamlessly across the horizon to paint the Atlantic Ocean. On the opposite side are vibrant, emerald greens of the La Gorce Golf Course creating a contrast with Downtown Miami’s illuminated skyline.

L'Atelier Miami Beach - Beach View
L’Atelier Miami Beach – Beach View

The art throughout the architecture along Collins Avenue, Allison Island and the high-rises of Bal Harbour are certainly a sight to see as a resident living artfully in L’Atelier Miami. And as if life wasn’t artful enough, the historical Art Deco district and the towers of South Pointe shine southbound putting the finishing touches on a home’s location that is truly a spectacular outlet for art and culture.

Other cultural and art destinations surrounding the L’Atelier Miami include the BASS museum, New World Symphony, Miami City Ballet and the FThe art throughout the architecture along Collins Avenue, Allison Island and the high-rises of Bal Harbour are certainly a sight to see as a resident living artfully in L’Atelier Miami. And as if life illmore Theater. For more information on the L’Atelier Miami or the art-entertainment surrounding it, call +1 (305) 433-2818

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L’Atelier Miami Beach: Meet the Minds Behind the Designs

L'Atelier Miami Beach
L’Atelier Miami Beach

3 Top Designers to Make the L’Atelier Miami Beach Residences a Reality

Miami real estate has got something new and exciting coming their way. The concept of L’Atelier has been long awaited and in 2017 we can expect the Miami pre-construction project to become a reality thanks to the vision of some of the world’s most creative minds coming together to beautifully capture the glamour and exclusivity of Miami Beach, South Florida. Meet the minds behind the designs: Luis Revuelta, Enzo Enea and Holly Hunt.

Luis Revuelta


Luis Revuelta - Architect of L'Atelier Miami Beach
Luis Revuelta – Architect of L’Atelier Miami Beach

Starting from afar, standing high and mighty, 18 stories into the sky, one can expect to see the exquisite architectural work and design of Luis Revuelta in 2017 as L’Atelier Miami becomes a reality. Luis Revuelta has founded his career as an architect on his pride and commitment to provide designs that are not only rich in quality but economically balanced for sustainable solutions. Revuelta Architecture International is responsible for many successful top projects both nationally and globally throughout various international destinations. The creativity and skill of The Revuelta Architecture is treasured for designing many landmark residential, commercial, hospitality and mixed-used developments that are both functional and aesthetic. The Revuelta Architecture International pursues all architectural concepts with great detail at their highest performance levels.

Enzo Enea

Landscape Architect

Enzo Enea - L'Atelier Miami's Landscape Architect
Enzo Enea – L’Atelier Miami’s Landscape Architect

As we move our way closer to the wondrous skyscraper, we find the incredible work of landscaper Enzo Enea enveloping the lavish building. Enea’s backgrounds in industrial design and landscaping architecture couples beautifully with his one-of-a-kind perspective drawn from global inspiration in London, Hawaii, Brazil and beyond. Enea is an award-winning designer, reputable for a uniquely refined and visual appeal. A hallmark contribution to the L’Atelier is the unmatched fusion of outdoor and indoor spaces which creatively and intricately intertwine the property’s essence with its surroundings within an environment that breeds inspiration for all.

Holly Hunt

Interior Designer

Holly Hunt - L'Atelier Miami Beach's Interior Designer
Holly Hunt – L’Atelier Miami Beach’s Interior Designer

As we walk through the incredible landscape and enter into the building, we are greeted by the refined tastes of The Holly Hunt Company exhibited throughout the wide range of custom furniture. Well renowned for an evergreen design that remains consistently at the forefront of quality and style, The Holly Hunt brand has quickly become the premier design for high-class interior furnishings throughout the nation. Holly is often given credit for revolutionizing interior design. Her tireless attention to detail as a visionary artist raised the bar for showrooms throughout the design industry and continues to do so throughout the exquisite design of the L’Atelier Miami Beach Residences.

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