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The 6 Most Entertaining Activities to do at 1000 Museum in Miami

1000 Museum
1000 Museum by Zaha Hadid

Needless to say, residents of 1000 Museum will never be bored and this isn’t only because of their exciting location, the bustling, vibrant city of Miami. Yes, it’s true that the pre-construction project, estimated to be complete in 2018, will be located at the heart of the colorful art and culture that makes up the very soul of Miami, Florida.

True as it may be, however, being one of the most spectacular home options in the world, residents won’t even need to leave their little neighborhoods within the 1000 Museum to plan an eventful day. With over 30,000 Sq. Ft. of craftfully designed venues for activities like swimming, sunbathing, socializing, pampering, fitness and 83 luxuriously spacious residential options, there is lots to do in Zaha Hadid’s 1000 Museum!

1. Read with an incredible view at 1000 Museum.

1000 Museum - Read With a View
1000 Museum – Read With a View

Let’s begin the activities within the condo itself. Imagine taking your favorite book from your private library and being able to enjoy it with a panoramic view of the Atlantic ocean as your backdrop.

The residences at the 1000 Museum somehow manage to magnify the breathtaking experience of Biscayne Bay, Atlantic Ocean and Miami skyline views. The entertainment possibilities within these spacious condos, ranging from townhouses to 1000 Museum’s penthouses, are boundless with expansive living areas, libraries, family rooms, dens and over-sized terraces beautifully designed to relax, read, plan a family game night, watch films or simply capture the mesmerizing panorama view. There’s a space for any choice of activity. Simply wake up and enjoy the day.

2. Get fit!

1000 Museum - Get Fit
1000 Museum – Get Fit

Above the podium at the base of this architectural masterpiece, occupying floors 8 and 9 are 2 levels of excellent wellness and spa amenities.

Residents of the 1000 Museum get the iron pumping at the spacious fitness center that takes over the 8th floor. This is where they begin their stretches at the indoor areas dedicated for movement training, intensify things with state-of-the-art strength and cardio training equipment and end their workout outside, enveloped by beautiful landscape.

3. Take a spa day.

1000 Museum - Spa Day
1000 Museum – Spa Day

Go ahead, you’ve earned it… Residents make their way to the relaxation lounge on floor 9 after a vigorous workout where they receive a well-earned massage at the private treatment areas.

4. Go for a swim.

1000 Museum - Go for a swim
1000 Museum – Go for a swim

The wellness and spa centers overlook and open into the Sun & Swim Terrace. Might as well go for a swim after that soothing massage. The sculptural Sun & Swim Terrace create the unique spherical architectural design that makes the 1000 Museum another work of Miami-art. Get a tan or go for a swim in one of the many organically shaped pools.

5. Throw a lavish pool-party.

1000 Museum - Lavish Pool-Party
1000 Museum – Lavish Pool-Party

Party while overlooking the city. At the very crown of 1000 Museum is the Aquatic Center and Skylounge equipped with a beautiful, infinity-edge indoor pool and multimedia theater for private movie screenings, meetings, lectures or presentations. The Skylounge is perfect for residents who want to host a memorable event with gorgeous, panoramic views of Biscayne Bay, the Atlantic Ocean and the Miami skyline.

6. Ride a helicopter!

1000 Museum - Ride a Helicopter
1000 Museum – Ride a Helicopter

A helicopter…? That’s right. It only makes sense that one of the most highly guarded residences in Miami would include a private rooftop helipad, allowing residents to arrive and depart securely at any time as well as providing 24/7 accessibility to private/commercial airports, yachts and/or nearby islands. 1000 Museum is historically designed to offer the first private residential helicopter landing pad in Miami.

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5 Features that Make the Residences at One Thousand Museum Unique

As Miami flourishes into a truly global city, it has recently become the choice location for world-class residential skyscrapers that exceed the expectation of sophisticated residents with exquisite tastes. In 2018, the Miami pre-construction project’s ambitious and creative vision, Zaha Hadid’s One Thousand Museum, will become a reality. One Thousand museum provides residents with private ownership of an iconic architectural work whose unparalleled panorama views make gazers feel invincible.

      1.Museum Quality Design

      One Thousand Museum: Museum Quality Design
      One Thousand Museum: Museum Quality Design

      One Thousand Museum manages to maintain integrity with an aesthetic architectural design that is not only pleasing to the eye, but is also fully functional. The prestigious tower looks more like a large sculpture than a building as it exhibits beauty and detail from the podium to the very crown. The robust exoskeleton contrasts beautifully with the crystal glass beneath it to form defining characteristics on the unique 60-story tower. The tower’s organic shapes and fluid curves reflect its internal functionality which is exhibited upon entrance into the podium, the two levels of spa & treatment amenities, the residential floors above and finally, to the grand double-height sky-lounge and aquatic center at the crown.

      One Thousand Museum’s sculptural design beautifully complements the new museums nearby. The sculpted podium corners create a convenient entry to the exciting commerce near Museum Park, making the One Thousand Museum ideally suited for days and evenings of fine dining, shopping at high end boutiques and visiting art galleries and exhibitions.

      2.The Grand Porte Cochere

      One Thousand Museum: Grand Porte Cochere
      One Thousand Museum: Grand Porte Cochere

      One Thousand Museum’s dramatic porte cochere ensures a six star arrival experience for all residents. To complement the tower’s prestigiousness, One Thousand Museum provides privacy from the busy streets as well as a grand entrance. Residents’ cars and packages are attended by competent valet and doormen while the friendly concierge addresses their requests. The grand arrival experience continues onward toward the lobby and high-speed smart technology elevators that lead owners to their private residences.

      3.Custom Scenting

      One Thousand Museum: Custom Scenting
      One Thousand Museum: Custom Scenting

      12.29 has collaborated with One Thousand Museum whom inspire to provide an elegant, contemporary ambiance throughout the property. This is why select spaces such as the interior amenity spaces, lobby, Wellness & Spa levels, and Aquatic Center/Skylounge at the crown are lightly perfumed with signature scents designed by 12.29 olfactory experts. These soft, ambient scents are a clear representation of Hadid’s vision as well as the residential lifestyle within the new development. At an additional fee, owners can opt for residential scenting and even create a unique and new scent tailored to their preference.

      4.Top-Notch Security

      One Thousand Museum: Top-Notch Security
      One Thousand Museum: Top-Notch Security

      Being Miami’s most secure residential tower, One Thousand Museum offers a truly secure living environment. The tower is designed with a fully-functional integrated security program that protects not only the residents, but their guests and personal property, too. An industry-leading security consulting firm has collaborated with the One Thousand Museum development team to address the building’s needs in order to provide secure structure,bank-quality vaults with individual residential safe deposit boxes, sophisticated surveillance and specialized security personnel without compromising the elegance and comfortable nature of the property.

      5.The Private Helipad.

      One Thousand Museum: Helipad
      One Thousand Museum: Helipad

      One Thousand Museum will historically be the first building to provide a private, residential helicopter landing pad on the rooftop allowing residents to arrive and depart securely at any time of the day/night while providing 24-hour access to nearby islands, airports or yachts.

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11 Luxurious Features of One Thousand Museum’s Penthouse in Miami

Mind-Blowing Penthouse in Miami Selling for $49 Million

We all dream of the day we can live in a $50 Million penthouse overlooking a beautiful view of the water. For one lucky (and very rich) person this is not a dream, it is a reality. The magnificent One Thousand Museum’s penthouse in Miami is located next to PAMM and overlooks Biscayne Bay. Its asking price is roughly $49 Million. With the usual features floor-to-ceiling glass windows, sweeping great rooms, libraries and the divine Zaha touch. The famous Zaha Hadid designed both the One Thousand Museum in Miami and in New York. Both buildings have penthouses priced in the region of $50 million.

Without further ado let’s get into the 11 luxurious features of One Thousand Museum’s incredible penthouse in Miami.

    • The first one on our list is the interior space. This Miami penthouse comes with a whopping 15,200 square feet of space.
    • Secondly the terraces are 1,270 square feet, but it’s not about the size of the terrace that makes it incredible. It is the view of Miami that is jaw-dropping.
1000 Museum's Penthouse in Miami -Terrace
1000 Museum Penthouse in Miami – Terrace
    • Third is how much are you paying per square foot? Well the average price per square foot on the coastal mainland of Miami was just $234 in the third quarter of 2015, according to Douglas Elliman. For this extravagant penthouse you will be paying $2,993 per square foot or  13 times the average price.
One Thousand Museum's Penthouse in Miami - Floor Plan
One Thousand Museum Miami Penthouse – Floor Plan
    • Like we mentioned in the second part the view of Miami. From the Penthouse you are 60 stories in the air with a view of the Miami skyline, Biscayne Bay, and the Atlantic Ocean.
    • Next is a pretty basic feature, but nonetheless amazing. The penthouse comes with 6 bedrooms, 6 full baths, & 2 half baths.
    • Most penthouses are the entire top floor of a building. This penthouse is the two top floors. It is spread out over the entire 58th and 59th floor.
One Thousand Museums's Penthouse in Miami - multiple floors
One Thousand Museums’s Penthouse in Miami – multiple floors
    • Most luxurious homes with multiple floors come with their own private elevator. This marvelous Miami penthouse comes with 3 of them! The first is the main elevator that services the building. The apartment has it’s own elevator that goes from floor 58 to 59 and the third private elevator goes to the helipad.
    • Now this is one of my personal favorite features, the heliport! Yes, the building has its own heliport and you have your own private access to it. When it’s time to go, just jump in your private elevator up to the heliport and ride away as you please. No need to deal with the head pounding Miami traffic.
One Thousand Museum's Miami Penthouse - Heliport
One Thousand Museum’s Miami Penthouse – Heliport
    • This is my second personal favorite feature of the stunning Miami Penthouse, the indoor swimming pool. Not much else to say about this feature, it speaks for itself.
1000 Museum's Miami Penthouse - Indoor Swimming Pool
1000 Museum’s Miami Penthouse – Indoor Swimming Pool
    • It comes with a Media Room. I’m not sure if this simply means a TV room or a full fledged cinema. Only time will tell.
    • The Zaha Flair. Just take a look at the design of the building and you can undoubtedly tell it is her design.
1000 Museum - Zaha Flair
1000 Museum – Zaha Flair
  • Finally, I’m not sure if this is a feature but definitely worth mentioning is the completion date. The building will be done in 2017, the penthouse in 2018 (due to the expected level of customization by the buyer).For more information and exclusive V.I.P. prices, please contact us at one of the following:Call us @ +1 (305) 433-2818
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